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Our top priority is your safety and that's why we are diligent about cleaning and disinfecting all of the tools and surfaces used. You can rest assured knowing that everything is completely sanitized

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Full Set

Solar with POLISH$35.00
French solar pink only$38.00
Color powder ( whole nail)$40.00
Pink & White with buff or gel$45.00
Dipping Power$40.00
Solar Color Tips$50.00
Solar 2 Tones$50.00

Fill Ins

Solar with POLISH$25.00
Solar Pink with buff or gel$25.00
Color Powder (same powder)$25.00
Color Powder (different powder)$40.00
Solar Pink & White$40.00
Solar Color Tips$45.00
Solar 2 Tones$45.00

Waxing Sevices

Upper Lip$8.00
Under Arm$20.00
Full Face$35.00
Bikini$35.00 & up
Chest$40.00 & up
Chest$40.00 & up
Half Arm$40.00 & up
BraZilian$45.00 & up
Half legs$50.00 & up


Cut Down$3.00 & up
Nail Repair$3.00 & up
Nail Art$3.00 & up
Soak off$3.00 & up

Nail Polish$10.00
French or American polish for nails$10.00
Toe Polish$13.00
French or American polish for nails$15.00


Major Holidays:... Opening

  • Monday -> Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM

  • Sunday :... 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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    Call US: (903) 509-5959